Heraclitus, an Ancient Greek philosopher, observed: “The only constant in life is change.” Our environment is in constant flux. Nothing stays; everything passes. Personally, I observe that our mind seems to be interested in stability and consistency, so it makes sense that we need to find a balance between the two and adapt to change.

When I read the paragraph above, there is already so much inherent truth in it regarding my mental model of the world. I believe that there is a core rule that governs the universe, and that is what I call the Duality of Things (DoT1). This rule helps me find patterns in chaos and to make sense of things that seem to be unrelated or even contradictory.

The word duality in DoT implies that there are two. We have a strong tendency to observe all things2 in a binary way. There is birth and death, past and future, shadow and light, good and evil, matter and antimatter3. In mathematics, elements are either inside or outside of a set, but nothing in between. This is how we perceive the world because we are built that way, and we can’t escape our system4.

We see that DoT is a pattern with an underlying structure of two: the rational part, which can be reasoned about in a logical way, and the second part of DoT, the relationship between the two, the irrational part, which feels contradictory and is hard to grasp. The relationship is the key to understanding the whole picture, but it is not possible to describe it in a logical way5.

Please let me interpolate a few examples by a stupid AI: If I want to be happy, I need to be sad too. If I want to be healthy, I need to be sick too. If I want to be rich, I need to be poor too. If I want to be loved, I need to be hated too. If I want to be successful, I need to fail too… and so on.

The following are a few examples of DoT that I extrapolated from my life experience: If I want to reach a goal, I need to let go of it, and it will come to me. If I want to be loved, I need to love myself first. If I want to be successful, I need to be humble6. I think you get the idea.

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Why is the title of the post Constant Change instead of Duality of Things? Because DoT is literally a point of view, a snapshot, without relevance when nothing is in motion.

We are physical beings; we are doing things. The big challenge is to do the right things. What is the measure of right? It is what we personally want to do. So, what is the driver for what we want to do? To answer that question, we need to take a look at how we impact our environment and how our environment impacts us.

People ask for schemes. There is a whole market for that. Open your preferred social network and search for “how to be successful.” You will find a lot of advice, starting with getting up early, eating smart, working and training hard, being disciplined, being consistent, being focused… and so on. If you feel like you’re stuck, you still have the option of (sarcasm on) microdosing psychedelics (sarcasm off) to expand the possibilities.

The things we do frequently define our frequency. The energy we put into the world decides how much others will resonate with us, with our frequency. Energy comes back. We are self-reflecting in others.

We attract into our life what we are, by the messages we are sending out. The same attract the same because we are searching for similarities; however, it provokes the opposite, too, because we are protecting ourselves from what we are not. This may explain why some people are in our energy circle and others are not.

We see the world as we feel. If we are happy, the whole world is shining—not the other way around. There is the belief that we can choose how we feel. The same kind of people believe in destiny. It is hard to say and no way to prove it. If we are part of a bigger system where all is interconnected, and we are not in control, then even our thoughts are not our own. This makes no sense to me. All dimensions, including time, would be an illusion, and the whole universe would collapse in on itself, like a fixed picture carved in stone.

These thoughts are omnipresent for me but hard to capture as a whole and hard to explain in a sentence. As a bottom line, it makes sense to myself to use the gifts I was born with and to be energetic. I think it is beneficial to let go and to be confident that everything will be fine—we are guided7.

  1. In mathematics, a dot has no dimension. It cannot exist in the real world, but it is a useful concept for describing it. By creating the DoT concept, I extrapolated from my life experience, which is what distinguishes us from LLMs; they specialize in interpolating a huge amount of data points. 

  2. Our small mind and the few antennas we have are not (and will never be) able to capture the whole picture called “reality.” 

  3. We think that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. This would imply that there is no beginning nor end; all is infinite. If there is something like a big bang, an explosion of energy, it will happen an infinite amount of times and always has happened. 

  4. Our system is composed of two parts, the physical body and the non-physical mind. The blueprint of our body is encoded in a DNA double helix, consisting of sequences of base pairs formed by two nucleotides. 

  5. A koan is a paradoxical anecdote or riddle used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke the “great doubt”, with the goal to reach enlightenment. 

  6. By virtue of the social rule of reciprocity, people feel obligated to provide benefits to those who have provided benefits to them. 

  7. We are all here to make the same experiences but in different ways—everyone has a different path, so we can’t give advice to others.